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La poésie, c'est le plus joli surnom qu'on donne  à la vie


Independent Filmmaker. Noëlle P. Soulier, native of Colorado and raised in France, began her studies of the arts through Visual Media, Music, Theatre and English Literature at The British School of Paris followed by a BFA in Filmmaking and Writing at The Metfilm School, London, and finally completed a Masters of Fine Art at the New York Film Academy, Los Angeles, graduating magna cum laude.

- Jaques Prévert *

Noëlle first pursued directing in Theatre and Theatre Design. In 2013, she produced, directed and designed low-budget productions of Howard Ashman’s The Little Shop of Horrors and an  adaptation of Georg Büchner’s Woyzeck

This passion for directing quickly evolved towards film and Noëlle made her on-screen directorial debut with a series of genre-based short films, in order to achieve a strong understanding of storytelling in relation to visual style. After completing an advanced writing course in 2016, Noëlle developed her skills and concentrated her work towards character-based narratives. In that year, she wrote her first feature, Loulou, winner of a Metfilm School writing competition.

Upon moving to Los Angeles, Noëlle furthered her passion for filmmaking by producing and directing more short films of varied genres, styles and stories before committing in 2019 to her first feature directorial debut, Loulou, which she re-adapted to fit to an American social and cultural environment. After unfortunate delaying in 2020, the feature is currently nearing the end of its post-production and explores a social realist look on a transgender teen coming to terms with their gender whilst growing up in a conservative family.

Noëlle comes from a rich international background, spreading from Vietnamese to Polish. Bilingual at a very young age, she has been brought up in a variously cultured environment and has always implemented her fortunate experiences of the world into her work. She is particularly influenced by European film movements such as French Poetic Realism, French New Wave and British Social Realism, and yearns to explore filmmaking as a poetic observation of reality.

* "Poetry, it is the prettiest nickname we give to life" - Jaques Prévert
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